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Shirts For Sale


5.  New With Tags:  Just as it says- never washed, never worn.

4.  New Without Tags:  These items may have been washed, but they have never been worn.

3.  As New:  Has been worn and washed but is still in pristine condition

2.  Well-Worn:  Normal wear and tear from use, but no noticeable imperfections beyond that.

1.  Well-worn with noticeable imperfections (fabric pulls, small stains, fading, etc.)



c. 2008 PSV Eindhoven Track Suit Jacket, Nike, L (runs small) (5)

2006-2007 AEK Athens F.C. Home Shirt, Adidas, SS, XL (3)

2006-2008 Argentine National Team Away Shirt, SS, Adidas, Large (runs small) (4)

c. 1999- 2000 Barcelona F.C. Knit Training Top (not a shirt), Nike, LS, Medium (3)

c. 1999-2000 Bayern Munich Lightweight Fleece Training Top, Adidas, LS, Small (runs big) (3)

1995-1997 Celtic F.C. Home Shirt, SS, Umbro, XL (3)

1995-1997 Celtic F.C. Home Shorts, Umbro, 34″ (run small) (3)

1995-1997 Celtic Track Suit (black with green trim), Umbro, M (3)

2000-2001 Celtic F.C. Away Shirt, SS, Umbro, XL (runs small) (3)

1994-1995 Rangers F.C. Away Shirt, SS, Adidas, L (3)

1997-1999 Rangers F.C. Home Shirt, SS, Nike, XL (2)

2000-2001 Rangers F.C. Away Shirt, SS, Nike, (3)

2001-2002 Liverpool F.C. Away Shirt, Reebok, SS, S (1)

1995-1997 Manchester United F.C. Track Suit (black with red trim), Umbro, M (3)

2002-2004 Manchester United F.C. F.C. Home Shirt, Nike, SS, L (runs small) (4)

2008 New England Revolution Home Shirt, SS, Adidas, L (3)

2009 New England Revolution Away Shirt, LS, Adidas, XL (runs small) (4)

2009 New England Revolution Home Shorts, L (runs small) (4)

2003-2005 Scottish National Team Insulated Bench Coat, Diadora, L (runs big) (3)

Zalaegerszegi TE Home Shirt, SS, Adidas, L (1)


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