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Where Do I Even Begin?


The Culprits, plural.

In a “vacuum” it’s one match of many and one should not overreact no matter how “familiar” the circumstances seem.

But, if you’re a Revolution supporter this match wasn’t in a vacuum, it was continuation of last season and infuriating for the exact same reasons.  Let’s take a look at what gave us all more grey hairs last night.

Matt Turner

Turner, who I think most of us assumed was going to remain the club’s third string goalkeeper (and probably be sent out on loan again) got the start over the injured Cody Cropper (no longer the “future?”) and back-up Brad Knighton.  Brad Friedel said that even if Cropper had been healthy Turner would have started based on his performance during the preseason.  Okay.  He was…fine.  I can’t fault him for either goal but I also didn’t see the “commanding presence” one hopes for in a goalkeeper, like, I dunno, a Brad Friedel.  I guess we’re just going to have to trust the manager on this one because if anyone on the club can judge a goalkeeper’s performance it’s probably the guy who was a world class one for two decades.

Antonio Delamea

I can’t say I’m “mad” at Delamea’s red card, it was just kinda dumb.  If he lets the player get by him maybe a goal is scored, maybe not.  But even if it is scored at least the Revs still have all eleven players on the field- and more than an hour left on the clock- to get level.  Instead, “denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity” and he’s gone.

Claude Dielna

Dielna’s sending off was idiotic- and exactly what he deserved.  His first yellow came 12 minutes after Delamea’s dismissal which showed a lack of composure.  His second came after what must have been half a dozen additional fouls that referee Rubiel Vasquez, understanding the situation, turned a blind eye toward.  Dielna, however, would not be denied, and Vasquez had to give him a second yellow and send him off in the 86th minute.

Andrew Farrell

Still can’t cross a ball to save his life and still relies to much on his speed/athleticism to save him when he gets beaten.


Matt Turner…the goalkeeper…led the team in passing accuracy.  Every field player who got minutes last night should be embarrassed by that.  If I were Matt Turner I would never let any of them forget it.


The players were noticeably more fit than they were last year- so credit to Friedel and his staff for that improvement.

Players Who Were Good

Teal Bunbury and Brandon Bye.

Players Who Weren’t Bad

Scott Caldwell, Wilfried Zahibo (though let’s cool it with the step-overs in the middle of the defensive half!), Cristian Penilla (though the sample was small), Jalil Anibaba (see Penilla, Cristian), Diego Fagundez, and Kelyn Rowe (again, note enough minutes).

Players Who Where Something…Else

Juan Agudelo (stop turning the ball over) and Gabriel Somi.  I didn’t realize the latter was even on the field until it was almost halftime.


Home opener next week.


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