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Just Give Me A Team Of 11 Stuart Kettlewells and…


We’ve all said that more than once, haven’t we?

Well, this is probably going to be about as close as we ever get to it:  Stuart Kettlewell and Stevie Ferguson have been put in charge of Ross County through the remainder of the season.

Whether County stay up or go down is probably going to be a close run thing all the way to the end of the season, but we can take confidence in the fact that Kettlewell and Ferguson will approach their challenge in the right way.  They will be fully-engaged in their task (I’m looking at you, Owen Coyle), the players will be fit, the team selection will be based solely on merit, and the tactics will be sound.

If you have any doubts about Stuart Kettlewell specifically- at 33 he’s younger than many of us!- keep in mind that the developmental squad he lead to a league championship was not full of budding starlets who would be in the first team at any other club.  His squad was comprised of young men from the local area for whom County was their first choice, of others who had already been let go by bigger clubs and were just looking for another chance, and and another group of those who had no other options.  Davis Keillorr-Dunn aside, Kettlewell did not have any stars.  He built a team, and while it will be a magnitude (or several) harder, this is what he needs to do with this group of senior professionals.

Finally, and I know this is stating the obvious, but these two men are pretty much the football dictionary definition of “good servants to the club.”  We can debate a lot of things about them going forward, but one thing that will be off the table is their commitment to both the club and the community.  We know these men on the pitch and off of it and we knw that they will give their new jobs everything they have, and really, can you ever ask anything more of a manager?

The weather has done us a favor and given the new management team some extra time to prepare for their first match and I have only one thing to say:



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This entry was posted on March 2, 2018 by in Ross County F.C., Scottish Premiership, Scottish Professional Football League.
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