the tanner ba'

So, it’s going to be Stuart Kettlewell- right?!


Please, please, please!!

I’ll just let you read it…

Ross County Football Club would like to announce that First Team Manager, Owen Coyle, has resigned from his post. He and Assistant Manager, Sandy Stewart, have left the club with immediate effect. Owen Coyle said:

“Myself and the Chairman had a chat on Monday and after some reflective thought I felt for the good of Ross County – and the challenging situation with my family being in England – it was in everyone’s best interests for me to offer my resignation, which the Chairman duly accepted.” Speaking about Coyle’s resignation, Chairman, Roy MacGregor, said: “We thank Owen and Sandy for their time at Ross County Football Club and wish them well for the future.”

The Club will be making no further comment at this time.

Utter nonsense of course, but this is the way things are done:  4-5-13 pretty much writes the story for you.

It kind of reminds me of that scene in Fletch when Fletch comments about how sudden another character’s death was and the response is, “What?! He was dying for years!”  And Fletch responds, “Yes, but at the very end, it was very sudden.”

In other words, you kinda knew it was coming, and then, THERE IT WAS.

So, now seems like the time to elevate developmental coach and County legend Stuart Kettlewell to the top spot.  We all want it, every appearance over the last few years suggests the club has been grooming him for it, and now is the perfect time.

If by some miracle he is able to keep County up, well, he’s a hero.  If they go down, well, what could he have done, it was an impossible situation.  And if County do go down, Kettlewell has a season or two to mold the squad in his image and make a push to rejoin the top flight.

So, Chairman McGregor, make it so!


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