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Odds & Ends: I Got Nuthin’ Edition


  • Celtic’s Scott Brown (above) announced his retirement (again) from the Scottish National Team.  I feel like “good riddance” is a bit too strong, but it says everything you need to know about the SNT at the moment that the best we could come up with as a national team captain was a player who was equal parts scrapper, dirty player, and whinger?
  • Speaking of national teams, didn’t the United States used to have one?  No worries, though, Carlos Cordeiro is going to fix everything- Sunil Gulati was stifling him!
  • Ross County remain firmly rooted to the bottom of the Scottish Premiership table.  They are not “out of touch” in terms of hauling themselves back to safety, but with every passing round of the season they have less and less time to do something about it and the struggle has become very real for supporters.
  • Usain Bolt will sign with Mamelodi Sundowns of the South African top flight tomorrow.  Just because Puma sponsors both doesn’t mean that this is a publicity stunt.  But it is.
  • The New England Revolution defeated the Houston Dynamo on penalty kicks to win the Mobile Sun Mini Cup and nobody can ever take that away from us!
  • The ownership of the Columbus Crew appear to want to move them to Austin, TX.  Austin doesn’t seem to want them.  This could be fun!
  • You should probably watch this.
  • And finally, my apologies for the football-related content being a little “thin” around here lately.  In addition to County’s woes and the Revolution’s season still a week away, “real life” has been giving me the business lately.  Nothing terrible, it just seems like for the last few months everything I’ve needed to do- particularly related to my trip to Norway- has required a bit more time and a bit more effort than it really needed to.  In the words of the Talking Heads, “Same as it ever was, same as it ever was…

One comment on “Odds & Ends: I Got Nuthin’ Edition

  1. finalynsh
    February 27, 2018

    And seriously, it’s much easier to write a personal blog about a sport when your team is doing well. County being in the dumps puts you in the dumps, and who the hell wants to write “County blew it/sucked/FFS what the hell was that?” unless it’s on twitter, or you’re getting paid for it? that’s what the end of the year obituary is for.

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