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UPDATE: Norway 2018


The Mostraumen section of Romarheimsfjorden

First and foremost, only 43 more days.  Though, if I’m honest, that seems like an ETERNITY right now.

Second, I’ve nailed down most of my lodging and I’m trying Airbnb for the first time while I’m in Oslo.  The reason for this is pretty simple- Oslo is ranked as the 11th most expensive city in the world to live in and on many lists as the most expensive city in the world to visit.  I took this as a personal challenge and my Airbnb is only costing me about $70/night!

Third, in addition to visiting numerous football grounds and attending two matches I’ve actually chosen some other cultural/touristy activities to take part in while in Norway- in addition to those mentioned in my previous post.  In Tromsø I’ll be going to the Polarmuseet (and several other museums) and hoping to catch a movie at the Verdensteatret Kino, the oldest continually operating movie theater in the world- it opened in 1916!  In Bergen I’m going to take the Fløibanen funicular up to the top of Mount Fløyen and hike around at the top and then hike back down into Bergen.  I’m also going to go on a boat tour out of Bergen to Romarheimsfjorden, because it’s Norway, you have to see a fjord!


The Mystery Ranch “Scree” 32L Backpack

Finally, after much (much!) research I have chosen and purchased a new backpack!  There are a couple of reasons for this:  First, the backpack I usually bring to Scotland- a GoLite Jam2– is “overkill” for this trip.  On my trips to Scotland I’m usually “in country” for about 21 days and for this trip, if you exclude travel days, I’m only on the ground in Norway for about half of that.  Second, due to a long ago rotator cuff injury, my occupation, and advancing age the medical term that best describes the current state of my shoulders is, “garbage.”  So, while it may seem counterintuitive to trade out my GoLite pack- which weighs 1lb 6ozs- for a Mystery Ranch pack that comes in right at 3lbs, most of that weight increase is in the suspension- something that Mystery Ranch is known for.*  My pack probably won’t weigh any more than it does when I go to Scotland, but more of it will be the pack itself rather than the contents.  Right now my pack weight is at 7.18lbs (including the pack) and it will max out well below 10lbs.  This site has been really helpful in keeping track of my weight.

As long as I’m boring you…

There are a few of other reasons why I chose the Mystery Ranch Scree 32L…

  • It’s “carry on” sized.
  • “Futura Yoke” suspension, not two separate shoulder straps.
  • 3-Zip access…I’m so tired of rooting around in “top-loaders.”

In a future update I’ll also be sharing my packing list and pictures of same- whether you like it or not!


*Mystery Ranch is the company that Dana Gleason founded in 2000 after selling his “Dana Design” backpacking company to K2 in 1996.  If you want to know how good Mystery Ranch backpacks are, here are a few of its clients:  U.S. Special Forces, Canadian SOFCOM, British SAS, Australian SOC, oh, and these guys.  Sorry, I nerded out a bit…


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