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Odds & Ends: No Thanks, I’ll Pass Edition


  • Having been turned down by Northern Ireland manager Michael O’Neill (who just signed a new deal with N.I.) the S.F.A.- now leaderless with Stewart Regan gone- are…what’s the word I’m looking for…flailing about in search of somebody, anybody, to take the position of Scottish National Team manager.  Malky Mackay, previously told that he would not be considered by the association, has now been told he’s welcome to apply.  Walter Smith, who led the national team from 2004-2007, who has been out of management since 2011, and who will turn 70 in two weeks has been forced to publicly state his lack of interest after his name was floated in the press.  Other names still being bandied about in the press include Kilmarnock’s Steve Clarke, Scotland U21 manager Scot Gemmill, and Gary Caldwell.
  • The NWSL’s Boston Breakers folded last week.  I don’t know that we’ll ever get a good explanation as to why this happened or why the league waited so long (the Breakers had participated i the NWSL draft even though it was known they were unlikely to field a team this season).    I know that the NWSL wants to be a “stand alone” league, but in every other country with a worthwhile women’s league the majority of women’s teams are part of bigger clubs- Arsenal Ladies, Chelsea Ladies, etc..  There are exceptions- Glasgow City F.C. was founded as a women’s side in 1998 and has won 10 league titles, 8 Cups, and 6 League Cups since then.
  • In New England Revolution news Lee Nguyen has finally joined the club’s pre-season training.  Whether he’s still a member of the club when the regular season kicks off is anybody’s guess.  According to manager Brad Friedel there will be some new players joining the club this preseason, but it’s not clear whether they will do so on trial or if the club is still trying to make some new signings before the season begins.  I think this season is, if nothing else, going to be…interesting.
  • Still waiting for the first good MLS kit of 2018 to be released.  I’m starting to think I may have to wait until 2019.
  • Call me “old fashioned,” but this is my favorite boot of the new season.  Oh wait, I forgot about these– probably because I can’t afford them!
  • My old man indoor team finished the second session of the season 1-6-1.  There was one, one goal loss, in there, but otherwise we earned all of them.  The good news is that we’ll have our starting goalkeeper- and probably the best in the league- back for session three.  He missed the entire second session due to work and family commitments so we’ll be back to our thoroughly .500 selves in no time!

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