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72 Days And Counting!!


If you’ve been a regular here for a while you’ve probably noticed that there is a pattern to my vacations:  Each year I spend a long weekend somewhere in the U.S. with my best friend and every other year I go to Scotland for 2-3 weeks.  So, how is it that I’m going on my second long(ish) vacation in less than a year?  Well, because as the saying goes, “Everything’s coming up Milhouse WeeFuse!”

First, last summer my employer was taken over by a much larger company and part of the deal was that my new overlords bought us out of all of our (essentially) worthless stock options.  That meant that rather than using my tax refund to replace my aging laptop this spring I was able to do it last September with my stock windfall, “freeing up” my tax return money.  And about that…

Second, I had a good year last year.  Not enough to bump me into a higher tax bracket, but enough that my combined federal/state tax refund (yes, I’ve already done my taxes!) was about 20% larger than last year.

Finally, Norwegian Air started flying from the East Coast to Europe last year at greatly reduced prices, like 1998 prices, so my ticket from Boston to Bergen is about 60% less than what I payed to go to Scotland back in 2015 (things were a bit cheaper last year).

Put all of this together and in just 72 short days I’m off to Norway for 12 days!

I’m still in the planning stages- going on vacation and specifically to Norway wasn’t finalized until last Friday- but here’s a taste of what I’ll be doing while I’m there:

  • Visiting the city of Tromsø- 217 miles above the Arctic Circle- where I’ll got the the museum of polar exploration, a polar aquarium, and try to check two more football grounds of my list:  Tromsø IL’s Alfhiem Stadion (which is about the size of Ross County’s Victoria Park) and Tromsdalen UIL’s Tromsdalen Stadion.  Oh, and maybe get to see the aurora borealis!
  • Visiting the city of Bergen where I’ll see the nearby fjords, visit the Hanseatic Museum and Wharf and other medieval sites (I’m waaaay too excited about this!), and check two more grounds off my list:  SK Brann’s Brann Stadion and FK Fylingsdalen’s Varden Amfi.
  • Visiting Oslo where I’ll go to the Viking Ship Museum and the Kon-Tiki Museum (Nerd Alert!!), and this time, instead of just visiting two football grounds and checking them off my list I’ll be going to matches between Valerenga and Strømsgodset at Strømsgodset’s Marienlyst Stadion and Lillestrøm and IK Start at Lillestrøm’s Åråsen Stadion.

As I said, there will be more added to the list, I just started working on it.  Might buy a new backpack too!



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