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Ross County Sign A “Striker”

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Is anyone else having Derek/George Adams flashbacks with this signing?

Before I begin let me stress that nothing that follows is meant to be personal in regards to new signing Inih Effiong, I’m sure he is a fine fellow who loves his mum and pays his taxes.  That said…

…County just paid money to get- and sign to an 18 month contract- a player who has never played above the 5th(!) division in England, has not been a regular starter at the majority of his clubs, and who has 30 career goals since debuting with St. Albans City in 2010/2011.  Does any of this bode well for County?  If he manages to score 5-7 goals in the upcoming half-season is that any more than you could expect from Thomas Mikkelsen given the same number of minutes?  We’ll have to ask the fine folks at Tannadice because Mikkelsen is on loan there for the rest of the season.  Now, to be fair, Effiong was on pace to score 16-18 goals for Woking F.C. this season, so he’s on good form at the moment.

Owen Coyle’s rationale appears to be that Effiong is tall (6′ 3″) and powerful and County don’t have any strikers like that at the club at the moment.  Well, job done, then!  Maybe he goes on to become a club legend, but is anyone looking at the names Greg Tansey and Inih Effiong and thinking, “Well, that’s sorted, we’re staying up!”  Like I said, I wish the lad nothing but the best, but on the face of things…

Now for the silly stuff…

Effiong’s presence in Dingwall was allegedly confirmed via his Tinder profile.  Not judging, just saying it’s a crazy world out there.


Rumors are rampant that David N’Gog (above) is on trial at Victoria Park.  The French striker (who is still somehow only 28!) began his career at PSG before moving on to Liverpool, Bolton (where he played for Owen Coyle), Swansea, Stade de Reims, and Panionios has never quite “made it” in his career and has been without a club since leaving Greece last summer.  That said, he’ scored 34 of his 35 career goals in the Premiership, Championship, and Ligue 1 while only playing “starter’s minutes” in two seasons, so one would think that if he can be talked into signing at a club in a league that is several steps below that, he might flourish.

We shall see…



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