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Landon Donovan…whatever, man.

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Upon hearing that Landon Donovan has come out of retirement for a second time and will suit up for Liga MX side Club Leon I thought about doing a long “think piece” on athletes who can’t let go, who fail to find fulfilling second careers, etc., but then I thought, “He’s a grown man, he can do whatever he wants to.”  That said, a few thoughts:

  • Does he understand that 99 of a possible 100 outcomes of this venture will tarnish rather than burnish his legacy?
  • This doesn’t make up for never having been able to “make it” in a league bigger than MLS?  Liga MX is probably better than MLS, but it’s not the Bundesliga or the Premiership.
  • Has he considered how many current and former members of El Tri are probably salivating at the thought of taking a piece out of him if given the chance?

Finally, here is what I actually thought (the “think piece” idea came later) when I first heard the news:

So, good luck, Landon.  Or not.  Whatever.


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