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Odds & Ends: Ugh. Really? Edition

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  • Remember just the other day when I was saying that it would be better if the seemingly random stripes on the new New England Revolution home jersey represented something?  Well, I found out today that they do, and it’s worse.  As you can see above, the blue stripes are meant to echo the kits of the NASL-era Boston Minutemen.  This, folks, is desperation.  The Minutemen existed for three seasons (1974-1976) and, despite what the graphic says, only played part of one season (1976) in Foxboro.  They had a total 30-35 record in those three seasons and saw their attendance shrink by c.50% each season.  Is this really what you want as your source of inspiration?  Just for Giggles, here are a few clubs you could have used that would have been a bit more…inspirational:  Fall River Marksmen (6 time ASL champions, 4 time National Cup champions) or the New Bedford Whales (a dominant side from the mid-1920s to early 1930s?
  • In other Revolution news, the club have signed 17 year old “home grown player” Isaac Angking of Providence, RI to a professional contract.  The midfielder has been in the club’s academy for four seasons while also playing for the USMNT’s U17 side. Most likely he will be loaned out to a lower league side (Rochester?) to get playing time once the regular season begins.
  • Call me crazy, but I like these.  And these (the yellow version).  But then I saw these. Oh my.
  • Rumor is that Owen Coyle wants to bring three new faces to County during the transfer window, with three current players heading out.  I wish I could say I was confident that this was going to happen and that the results were going to be positive.  Who knows?
  • Turns out the Norwegian Eliteserien season kicks off on March 11 this year.  I guess I know when to start planning my trip!

One comment on “Odds & Ends: Ugh. Really? Edition

  1. Sculptor?!?
    January 4, 2018

    *sees Pantofola boots* *fans self*

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