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Odds & Ends: So long, Sunil! Edition


  • U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati announced today that he will not run for re-election.  There’s not much to say about this except that it clears the decks for the potential of change in the future.  Whether that happens is an entirely different story.  In the short term it at least spares us all from what was sure to be an excruciating election season.  The full story, including quotes from Gulati can be found here.
  • Ross County F.C. lost, 0-2, to a resurgent Dundee F.C. side on Saturday dropping them- at least for the week- into the relegation playoff spot in the Scottish Premiership.  County are tied on points with both ninth place Dundee and tenth place Kilmarnock F.C., but fall behind both by virtue of having a goal differential one goal worse than the pair.  Whatever the case, it’s time for Owen Coyle’s boys to start picking up some points!
  • New started circulating again this week that the New England Revolution are still actively working  (my words) on getting the club a soccer specific stadium.  I am happy to report that for the first time this news did not find any traction in the local soccer media (or the “general” local media either), in fact, it was more or less dismissed out of hand.  It looks like the Kraft family’s habit of “crying stadium” every time they want some press for the club (or themselves) or to create a distraction from something they are doing (or, more correctly, not doing) as a club they trot out this old chestnut.  This time, nobody’s buying it.  And they shouldn’t.
  • I’ve changed my mind on this next topic (and the motivation of the guy behind it) about ten times.  But in the end I think where I’ve landed is that the shirt is terrible. The crest is ugly, too big, and screen printed onto the shirt (rather than being directly embroidered or a patch that is sewn on), and I really don’t think pointing out that you’re going to sell your supporters’ shirt for $86 instead of the $95 charged by the U.S.S.F. (though I don’t know where he came up with that price) really qualifies as “sticking it to the federation.”  It’s a nice idea, but one that also directly ($$) benefits the guy behind it.  Which is fine, but this stance he’s taking as a rebel/iconoclast doesn’t really jibe with it.  If you want to see how this is done, and a MUCH better shirt, look here.
  • Old Man Indoor Update:  After starting the season with two (bad) losses we won and tied our next two matches, bringing us to fourth (of six) in the standings.  Tomorrow night we play the worst club in the league (0-4), so we could be in second place by the end of the night.  As I’ve said before, second place is all we want.  First place means promotion to a league full of ex-college and pro players who will destroy us for two months be for we are relegated- no fun to be had there!
  • And finally, the most-Sam Allardyce thing ever, “Everton manager Sam Allardyce to make Watford striker Toy Deeney, 29, his top target in the January transfer window.”  Deeney currently has two goals on the season (tied for join-third on his club), has been injured four times in the calendar year 2017, and is currently serving a month-long suspension for jamming his thumb into the eye of Stoke City’s Joe Allen during an extra time “disagreement” on October 28th.  Keep reaching for the stars, Sam!

2 comments on “Odds & Ends: So long, Sunil! Edition

  1. Kevin
    December 5, 2017

    Gulati not running seems fine, I guess. But is anything really going to change until USSF, SUM, and MLS become completely separate entities?

    • weefuse
      December 5, 2017

      No. And he’s still involved with the US-Canada-Mexico joint WC bid.

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