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Brush With Greatness: Wild Card Edition


A few years ago I published this post and invited all of you to share your brushes with famous footballers.  As you know if you participated- or if you just clicked the link and read the old post- things strayed a little bit from the football-specificness that I intended, but that was fine…and fun!

Anyway, I’d like to try it again, but without the football “restriction.”  All I ask is that you break down your “brushes with greatness” into two categories:  1) Famous people that you’ve simply “met” and, 2) famous people that you actually “knowm,” and that you don’t repeat anyone from last time.  Obviously, you’ll see from my lists below that “famous” is pretty much how you define it and by “know” I mean if you ran into that person again it would take no more than a sentence to remind them of how you know each other.

Finally, before we continue, an explanation…  I am fascinated by how, just by living our little lives, we find ourselves with connections to well-known people.  I was always amazed by the people that my father had met/known (mostly from his days as a musician) and couldn’t imagine how that could ever happen to me.  Yet, here I am, creeping up on a half-century of life and suddenly (but not really) I find myself in a similar position.  The human condition, eh?

Here are mine- at least the ones I can remember!

Famous People I’ve Met

Famous People I Know

People I know but chose to leave off for being too “obscure”:  a college president (my college roommate), two NASA scientists (one my best friend, the other a close friend), and a well-known (if you’re into that kind of thing) architect.

If you’d like to know the circumstances or connections involved in any of these, just ask!

So, who you got?!


8 comments on “Brush With Greatness: Wild Card Edition

  1. finalynsh
    November 27, 2017

    Living in LA, you’d think I’d meet more famous people, and yet I have not. My friends run into them far more than I. I know many non-famous people who work on the inside of Hollywood as crew and such, but my list is actually small

    Vin Scully– Announcer
    Des McAnuff— Theater Director
    Justine Bateman— Actress
    Rick Adelman— Basketball player and coach
    Craig Grebeck— MLB infielder

    • weefuse
      November 27, 2017

      So, Grebeck, about 5′ 1″?

      • finalynsh
        November 28, 2017

        Yeah. Dude was tiny. He actually played high school and college ball with my best friend from grade school and junior high. Did a few pick up summer fast pitch softball games with them. The weirdest part was he could get around on a fastball like nobody I’d ever seen. Even with the sox, Hawk would say at times he was the best fastball hitter on the team…and he was like the size you were in 5th grade.

  2. Kevin
    November 27, 2017

    Chance Meetings:

    *Yakov Smirnoff – Comedian, (During college he performed at my school. I picked him up at the airport and ate dinner with him. He practiced driving my roommate’s stick shift car with the two of us the next day because he was going to test drive a Porsche when he got back home and didn’t want to grind any gears. Then he treated us to lunch afterward. He was really a nice guy!)
    *Roy Innis – Civil Rights Leader
    *Julian Bond – Civil Rights Leader
    *INXS – Rock Band
    *L.L. Cool J – Musician/Actor/Fashion Designer/etc….
    *Gerald Ford – Former President of the USA (Lived near my in-laws in the Palm Springs area)
    *Wayne Newton – Musician
    *Walter Payton – NFL Great
    *Judy Tenuta – Comedian (I taught with her sister at a school in Chicago.)
    *Carrot Top – Comedian
    *Randy Jackson – Musician/Television Personality (American Idol)
    *George Benson – Musician
    *Gladys Knight – Musician (One of her daughters was my next door neighbor for about three years)

    • weefuse
      November 27, 2017

      Wow. That is an…eclectic mix. In Russia Porsche test drives YOU!

      • Kevin Nellis
        November 28, 2017

        Everyone on my list before Gerald Ford, I met through various groups/clubs/activities I did in college. Huzzah for a Liberal Arts education!

        Walter Payton came to my hometown to play in a basketball game against the local fire department as on off season charity activity. (I wonder if this kind of thing happens with any pro teams any more…) There were lots of other Chicago Bears there, (I think I shared this story in an Avoiding the Drop post.) My younger brother became the center of all their attentions for about 5-10 minutes because he had a giant scrapbook of news clippings about them that they ALL wanted to see and autograph for him.

        The rest mostly came from nature of living in Las Vegas.

  3. Sculptor?!?
    November 27, 2017

    Hmm. Let me think about this, and see what I can remember, because I haven’t met anyone famous in a long damn time, present company excluded.

    Met (in no particular order)
    *Trent Reznor (in the 80s, he was an absolute DICK. I hope he’s changed.)
    *Pres. Geo. HW Bush – I dissed him outright and refused to shake his hand during a public meet-and-greet
    *Luis Polonia – MLB player
    *Brook Jacoby – MLB player
    *Ricky Henderson – MLB player (OMG, what. a. DICK. I still actively hate this guy. He cussed out a 6 y/o kid asking for an autograph. It became my pet cause that weekend to make Ricky’s time in left field absolute hell – to the point he responded.)
    *more baseball players: Jim Thome, Joey Belle, Glenallen Hill, Bob Feller, Steve Olin, Kevin Wickander, Rod Nichols, Mike Farrell, Mike Hargrove
    *Edgar Froese – founding member of Tangerine Dream (musician)
    *Flock of Seagulls – new wave band
    *George MacFarland (Spanky) – Little Rascal
    *Billie Thomas (Buckwheat) – Little Rascal

    Charles Vess – illustrator/artist
    Thomas Willeford – physicist/artist/Steampunk (one of the judges on the reality/gameshow ‘Steampunk’d’

    Nope, that’s it, I only know two famous people, since we’re not counting obscure stuff like scientists, college deans, etc.

  4. weefuse
    November 28, 2017

    Kevin, I don’t know if teams still do that but when I was in HS New England Patriots players came every off season not to play basketball, but to play DONKEY basketball. Yup, right there in the gym, on donkeys!

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