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The 2018 World Cup: WeeFuse Supports…



With the Scotland out of the Cup after, well, Scotlanding™ * and the United States out of the Cup after acting and playing like the entitled thumb-suckers that every other nation thinks we are, I have chosen to support Australia in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.  It was an easy decision:

First, Australia is the country with which I have the closest relationship after the U.S. and Scotland- my aunt (Hey Paula!) moved their in the late 1970s, married an Australian (Hi Geoff!) and I have two Australian-American cousins (G’day Catherine and Deborah!).  None of them are soccer fans- they are Boston sports diehards and love the Paramatta Eels, which could be a sports team, or some sort of food, no idea- but they are Australians sort of…except for “Uncle Geoff” they all have two passports.

Second, barring unforeseen circumstances one of the players suiting up for the Socceroos will be former Ross County, and current Hull City midfielder, Jackson Irvine.  Irvine only played about 75 matches for the Staggies but there are few County supporters who wouldn’t select him as one of the top five players ever to come through Dingwall.  Just as importantly, at County, at Burton Albion, and now at Hull, Irvine has shown himself to be a class act on, and especially off the pitch.  He’s the kind of guy who will sign autographs until the groundsmen shut off the flood lights.

So, there it is.  I’m in for Australia.  Oh, and, of course, SUCK IT ENGLAND!!

*to Scotland, v.:  to dig oneself into a hole then climb almost all the way out of it, only to fall back in while screaming, “MORAL VICTORY!!!”


2 comments on “The 2018 World Cup: WeeFuse Supports…

  1. Francis
    November 29, 2017

    Except Australia is going to be kicked out the World Cup because our football federation is a basket case run by idiots who are fast becoming a bigger laughing stock than our Prime Minister and Liberal Government. If tonight’s AGM does not resolve any of the issues, FIFA could sack the board and kick us out of the World Cup as early as tomorrow.

    The Parramatta Eels are a Rugby League team that play in the leading League competition in the world, the NRL (National Rugby League). Up until recently they were as poorly managed as the FFA and had won three consecutive wooden spoons, but have been climbing up the table in recent seasons finishing 4th last season. They are one of the favourites to take the title next season. Your Aunt is correct, they are the team to following, even though they haven’t won a title since 1986. The Eel is the clubs nickname because Parramatta is the aboriginal word for ‘the place where Eels lie down’.

    • weefuse
      November 29, 2017

      Just having a bit of fun about Parramatta- thanks to my aunt I know a lot more about them than I want to! The last time she was home happened to coincide with Jarryd Haynes’ brief spell in the NFL and she could hardly watch without getting misty-eyed.

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