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It’s Old Man Indoor Time!!


Tonight at 8:00p.m. I’ll be lacing up my indoor boots for another year of over-40 action.  Every year I think it’s going to be my last year, but then I get the email and send the same reply each time- “I’m in.”

My league has three sessions lasting from November until March and there is the possibility of promotion from “Over-40 White” to “Over-40 Red” at the end of each session- we’ve never been promoted.  Once we lost in the promotion playoffs, but that’s as close as we’ve come.  Last year we got progressively worse as the sessions went on so I’m not at all sure what to expect this year.  My hope is that we will be “just bad enough” to not get promoted at the end of each session.  I say this because there is a BIG gap in quality between the two divisions and promoted teams generally serve as punching bags in the top division before being immediately relegated back down at the end of the session.  A 5-3 record in each session would be perfect, enough wins to have fun, not enough to get promoted.

I guess the big news is that after three (four?) seasons I am retiring these:

Scarpe da Calcio Pantofola d Oro - S 1710_LRG

The Pantofola d’Oro Dream Indoor

These handmade, kangaroo leather, Italian works of art have served me well, and in return I’ve treated them well- they’ve never touched anything but the Field Turf at the indoor complex.  As a result, the soles are still in pretty much pristine condition, but the uppers have a few thin spots and the footbed is pretty “pounded out.”  That said, there has not been a single quality issue with them- the stitching is still perfect, no eyelets have popped loose, nothing.  Only the fact that they no longer make this model prevented me from buying another pair.  The old ones are freshly polished and will be in my bag in case the breaking in process of my new boots requires me to switch back and forth for the first few matches.  And speaking of my new boots!


The Pantofola d’Oro Piceno Vitello Indoor

Once again, handmade in Italy of kangaroo leather.  The main difference with these being that they have a very thin layer of padding, particularly on the tongue.  The Dreams were absolutely “minimalist,” where these may be a bit more comfortable.  I’ll miss the fold-over tongue, but as you can see, the sole is the same, they’re still pretty “low profile,” and I’m sure they will be great once I’ve had a chance to bash them around for a few matches.  If they last as long as the previous pair they could well be the last pair I ever wear…


3 comments on “It’s Old Man Indoor Time!!

  1. finalynsh
    November 7, 2017

    Same as it ever was….. hehe

  2. Kevin Nellis
    November 13, 2017

    So now that you should have recovered from Game 1…How did it go?

    • weefuse
      November 13, 2017

      We were trash. Or should I say, we have two (returning) “weak links” who can pretty much undo any good the rest of us do. Also, our leading scorer from last year wasn’t there and nobody seems to know if he’s playing this year- that would be bad. This week will be better…I hope. New boots were GREAT!

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