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Odds & Ends: Halloween Edition


  • Scotland caretaker manager Malky Mackay has called in a lot of first-timers for the upcoming friendly against the Netherlands…but he still called in six players from Celtic.
  • Speaking Celtic and Scotland, one of the best players for both this year has been 20 year old defender Kieran Tierney.  Yesterday Tierney signed a new six year deal with Celtic and I don’t like that at all- and not because I hate the Old Firm (or what’s left of it, anyway).  I don’t like it because Tierney is not going to get better playing for Celtic.  Yes, he’ll win trophies, yes, he’s virtually guaranteed to play (and lose) in Europe every season, but he’s going to spend most of his time on the pitch each year playing the likes of Hamilton, my beloved Ross County, and the rest of the- frankly- non-competitive clubs in the Scottish Premiership.  Was there to club in the Championship, Premiership, or on the continent that he could have gone to in order to better test his mettle?  I have to think that if he’s as good as he has appeared for club and country thus far, there must have been other options.
  • Portuguese manager Pedro Caixinha is out at Rangers after barely seven months in charge.  Nobody cares.  The club is a dumpster bin fire and deserves to be.  Need proof?  Alan Pardew is being considered as a replacement.
  • So what happens if, somehow, Columbus wins MLS Cup?  I’d kind of like to see it happen if only to watch MLS leadership and Crew ownership scramble to come up with some outcome that doesn’t make Precourt’s stadium extortion plan or MLS’ tacit approval of it look even more crass.
  • Speaking of conspiracy theories, as I discussed with somebody on Twitter recently, I’m becoming convinced that the rapidly expanding size of MLS and the continued chaos- exacerbated by the folks at U.S. Soccer- in the “second tier” of the professional game in this country is part of a larger plan to kill off any rival league (NASL, USL, etc.) and to have it replace with “MLS2.”  I’d almost be willing to shield my eyes from all of the “sausage making” if I thought the result would be relegations between MLS and MLS2, but it won’t be.  I know it.  You know it.  The American people know it.

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