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Back Home And Still Alive


Let me give you the other “highlights” before delving into the Spartan Race details…

  • Prince’s Hot Chicken:  Worth the long wait and the advice everyone gives is true:  if you order anything hotter than “medium” you are a fool.
  • Johnny Cash Museum:  It’s new, and great, but I they underestimated how popular it would be.  The wall-to-wall people made some parts of it difficult to enjoy.
  • Pinewood Social Club:  A nice idea (a “restaurant” that also has bowling lanes, outdoor bocce, and swimming pools) that works well, but it’s hard to take advantage of the “extras” on a Friday night when the place is PACKED.
  • Martin’s BBQ:  Good, not great.  Basically a “factory,” if I had it to do all over again I’d look for somewhere less popular/off the beaten path.
  • Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage:  Fine, whatever.  Also, just call them “slaves.”  “Enslaved workers,” or “enslaved laborers” is such a cop-out.
  • Grand Ole Opry:  A hit or miss night in terms of the acts, but hearing Bobby Osborne- he’s 86!- sing “Rocky Top” was thrilling, one of those “once in a lifetime” kinds of things.
  • Antique Archeology:  The American Pickers Nashville location is basically a t-shirt shop with some old stuff in it.  We literally did not see a single person buy anything but branded merch.  Good for Mike and Frank for capitalizing on their fame, but boring otherwise.  Also, no Danny D.
  • Husk-Nashville:  A nice place, a nice meal, maybe didn’t live up to the hype.  Also, not as good as the former (future?) Lola in Cleveland.  Dessert was fabulous, though.
  • Lane Motor Museum.  Fantastic!  A former Sunbeam bread factory full of every oddball vehicle you could imagine and many you couldn’t, I can’t recommend this place highly enough.


Okay.  About that race…

Our “Nashville” Spartan Sprint was actually held at Fort Campbell (TN/KY), home of the 101st Airborne Division, which is about 90 minutes outside of the city.  All this really meant in practice was that some of our obstacles were military themed and we got a special “military” medal that most sprint racers don’t get.

Our race was 4.5 miles long (of a maximum 5) and had 21 obstacles.  I completed 17 of those and did the penalty burpees on the four others in order to preserve my chronically bad left shoulder.  Basically, anything that had me hanging from my arms was out.  Dan and I (below) finished right around 2 hours, which we were fine with.  The men’s elite winner finished in just under 40 minutes…good for him.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.21.13 AM

No, we did not intend to wear matching outfits, though that’s the thing that just kinda happens when you’ve been best friends for 31 years and counting.

Here we are leaping across the burning logs just before the finish- I may have been hamming it up a little…

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.09.41 AM

I’m still exhausted and sour so I’m going to be done now.  If you have any questions about the details of our Nashville visit in general or of the race itself, that’s what the comment section is for!


6 comments on “Back Home And Still Alive

  1. Kevin
    September 26, 2017

    Arrooo!! (I don’t know if you got THAT in to it or not..)

    Nice job completing 17 obstacles! Did you get your spear to stick? I totally botched that on my Spartan. I even got a do-over because the “spear” (a rake minus the rake part) fell apart on my first throw.

    When you sweeten up, I would love to see a photo of the medal.

    And lastly, are either of you going for the Trifecta?

  2. weefuse
    September 26, 2017

    1. No.
    2. Nope, didn’t stick. Pretty sure the length of line tied to it wasn’t actually long enough!
    3. I’ll send you a medal pic on Twitter.
    4. Dan says he may do another Sprint. I told him I’d be right there on the sidelines to cheer him on!

  3. jjf3
    September 28, 2017

    Dude, I am so fucking sorry about Ross County’s “news” this morning…he seems to be hellbent on spending time trying to destroy every team I care about.

    • weefuse
      September 28, 2017

      In your case I think I’d lay most of the blame on ownership.

      • jjf3
        September 28, 2017

        Oh, there’s no questions Rovers’ issues are 100% ownership, but he did very little positive while he was there. His connections got us a couple of nice loanees, but he then did nothing with them to develop them or (more critically for us) use them properly. And he essentially used the Dynamo like he was an early English player signing with MLS for one last paycheck. His only real run of success was with the Dingles, and their continued success since would point more to a well-considered and well-followed management plan than anything specific to him. I do know Bumley weren’t his first job, so maybe there was some earlier history (I’m guessing in Scotland(?)) to recommend him, but he’s been shite since his promotion run. Hope I’m wrong in this case…

  4. weefuse
    September 28, 2017

    I think there are a couple of things that got him a job. First, he was VERY successful in Scotland as a player (including 2 goals in 5 matches during a short loan spell at County!) and did very well as a manager at Falkirk and St. Johnstone (48-22-19), two “middling” clubs. Second, as you mentioned, I think the club sees his connections (especially South of the Border) as a way of getting better than could be expected players to come to Dingwall- something Jim McIntyre did not do. Third, this is probably the stop that makes or breaks him as a manager. He’s probably never going to make it back to the Premier League or Championship, but keeping County up this season and maybe getting them into the top six next year could get him a better job in Scotland or a job with a “solid” club in League One. If he does poorly at County, he’s probably done.

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