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It’s Oktoberfest Again

TSV 1860 München 2017 Oktoberfest Kit (2).jpg

In the past (see links below) I’ve brought you the yearly Oktoberfest kits produced by TSV 1860 Munich and they have been delightful.  This year’s kit (above) is no exception, I also love that they’ve made a whole “production” out of the photoshoot as well with the cabin setting, snack basket, steins, etc..  I have to say, though, that I was worried that the club might not have an Oktoberfest kit this season- a combination of poor play and financial difficulties have seen the club fall all the way to the Regionalliga Bayern (the fourth tier of German football).  For those of you unfamiliar with the club’s tradition I’ve provided some links below- and a few bonus links as well:

Obviously there are more iterations of all of these shirts out there on the web, so use your GIS skills if you want to see more of them!


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