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Hi folks,

You may have noticed that there’s not been much action around here in the last week to ten days and I wanted to give you the reasons behind that.

First and foremost, between work and starting the official “Couch to Sprint” Spartan Race workouts (a week ago, Monday) I haven’t had much time to keep up with things or to write about them here.  If I’m completely honest, when I have had the time to do either of those two things I have chosen to sleep instead- and it hasn’t been a tough decision!

Second, the New England Revolution’s season has, to NOBODY’S surprise, turned into an absolute dumpster fire.  I’m a life-long supporter, so, against my better judgment, I watch every match.  However, the thought of sitting down and rehashing the latest debacle the following day just isn’t even remotely on my radar.  Ross County are in a bit of a rough patch at the moment as well, but their upcoming schedule is a little better with three winnable matches out of the next five.

Finally, the very laptop on which I’m writing to you is on it’s last legs.  A long ago drink spill caused corrosion that could be fixed, but the cost would be about half of a new laptop and since I was going to replace this one in January anyway…  The only catch is that I’m waiting on a check (part of the recent merger is that Amazon is cashing out our stock options) to buy the new one.  So, I’m at about 75% battery life (the laptop won’t charge anymore) and that has to last until, oh, probably next Monday or Tuesday.  In the meantime I only have my phone and tablet to keep me connected to the world, which is fine, but not really conducive to doing much here on the site.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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