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And so it begins…

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I know I’m normally “fine” with an away point, but this season it’s going to be a bit different.  Against what is probably the strongest field of clubs County have faced since joining the Scottish top flight every point is going to be even more precious than it has been in the past.  This is especially true against opponents- like Dundee F.C.- that County are likely to be battling for Premiership survival come the spring of 2018.

I believe that, as currently comprised, County can stay up, but I also believe that there is no room for error, or injury, or a slow start, or a weak finish, or frankly, anything but a top effort each time the team takes the field.  But am I confident that County can stay up as currently comprised?  I am not.  I think County need to add a couple of additional pieces to give the squad some depth and I believe the club’s gamble on giving first team opportunities to so many players from last year’s developmental league champions must pay off as well.  They don’t all have to become “stars,” but a few have to at least become reliable regulars off the bench and I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

So, here’s hoping that the new and young players gel with the veterans, that luck is on our side more often than not, and that the boys can avoid any long-term/serious injuries (and have a good thought for Liam Boyce while we’re on that topic- what a shame!), and that, come the winter break our thoughts are about making a push for the top six rather than just hoping to stay above the bottom two.



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This entry was posted on August 5, 2017 by in Dundee F.C., Ross County F.C., Scottish Premiership, Scottish Professional Football League.
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