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The Rumor Mill: Business Is Booming!


Well, here we are in July, preseason has begun, and the rumors are pinging around like a hyperactive kid in a candy store!


Let’s start with a rumor that has appeared, been discussed, and (presumably) disappeared in less than a day- that that County were interested in acquiring Caley midfielder Ross Draper (above).  Would Draper add some depth to the County squad?  Maybe.  Would he add any more depth than one of the development players who have been called up to the senior side this year.  Probably not.  Is he worth the £50,000 County supposedly offered for him (and had rejected)?  Well, let’s put it this way, have you ever watched a Highland Derby and thought, “You know, Ross Draper would look good in a County top!”  Me either.  What?!  It appears County are preparing a second bid for Draper.  Please tell me this is not how we’re going to start spending the “Liam Boyce money.”


Already in Spain with the County squad is Jamie Lindsay (above) who will join the club on a season long loan from Celtic.  The 21 year old midfielder has spent the last two seasons on loan in the Championship (Dumbarton and Greenock Morton) where he was a regular starter for both clubs and won a few Man of the Match and Player of the Month awards.  Lindsay has regularly played for Scotland through the U19 level and has the look of one of those players who might not be good enough to break through the log jam of talent at Celtic, but plenty good enough to do a job of work for any other side in the Premiership.


There are also persistent rumors that English striker (more on that title in a moment) “Shaq” Coulthirst (above) will be signing for County.  Coulthirst began his career at Spurs, but never made a first team appearance and was loaned out five times before being acquired by Peterborough United where he had a “okay” season (4 goals in 35 matches) before being loaned out to Mansfield Town last year where he also did…okay (5 goals in 20 matches).  Okay, back to that “striker” thing.  This potential signing has second half of the season, Derek Adams, desperation signing written all over it- and it’s preseason!  Nothing about his background suggests that he’s going to score 15 goals over the course of a season, or even 12.  Maybe 10.  That said, a “healthy” Craig Curran might score 10 in a season.  An Alex Schalk playing Liam Boyce-like minutes might do a little better than 10, but setting aside those two, who is going to score the goals for this club?


Which brings us to Billy McKay.  The Northern Ireland international can score goals, he’s done if for Caley, Northampton Town, and Dundee United.  The question is, do Wigan (where he hasn’t scored goals) want to loan him out for the third consecutive season?  If they’re will to do so/release him from his contract/etc. should County sign him?  I don’t know.  Like I said, he’s proven himself at the position, but does he bring anything that County don’t have?   Assuming Craig Curran gets and stays healthy (I know, I wouldn’t put any of my own money on that either), McKay is one more smallish, 10-15 goal a year striker, of which we already have two, and there are only so many minutes to fill each season.


And finally, County are one of a handful of teams that are trying to get the signature of Hearts forward Conor Sammon (above).  Although Sammon isn’t much of a goal scorer (with the exception of the 2010-2011 when he scored 15 for Killie in only 23 matches!) he is big (6′ 2″) and physical and could do well holding the ball up for the likes of Schalk, Curran, Gardyne, etc. while perhaps contributing 6-8 goals of his own.

Well, if nothing else, things are getting interesting!!


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