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I Don’t Know, I Like It!


The 2017-2018 Aberdeen F.C. Away Kit

This weekend Aberdeen F.C. released their new away kit for 2017-2018 (you can look at their classy, if staid, new home kit here) and there are two things that you should know about it.

First, It’s great.  Not perfect, but really nice.  The color is like nothing else in the Premiership at the moment and it reminds me of something Lazio or Napoli might have worn twenty or thirty years ago.  The shirt is simple and conforms to my by-now-well-known rule of, “pick one thing and go with it” rule by focusing on the sublimated diamond pattern and keeping everything else pretty tightly focused.

Personally I think this kit would look better with white shorts, but I know that the current trend (bolstered by FIFA) is to go with a monochromatic or “primarily one color” kits, so I’m probably fighting a losing battle.  That said, if they are going to go with blue shorts shouldn’t they have the sublimated diamond pattern too?  I think it’s just the photo, but the socks appear to contain to shades of light blue, neither of which matches the shirt and shorts.

The boots are an abomination.

Second, and pardon me if this is something that I should have known, but there are apparently some Aberdeen supporters who believe that blue on an Aberdeen kit is a slap in the face to…somebody (them?) because Rangers where blue and Rangers are Aberdeen’s rivals.  Umm…three things about that.  First, if Rangers were ever Aberdeen’s rivals it was in the early 80s when Aberdeen were competing for (and earning) European silverware.  Second, does any Rangers supporter feel the same way about Aberdeen?  I doubt it.  Finally, and perhaps most persuasively, the three clubs that merged for form the current “Aberdeen” (Aberdeen, Orion, Victoria United) all had blue as a major part of their kits, the current Aberdeen wore blue shorts (and sometimes socks) for the first decade of its existence, there has been blue trim on an Aberdeen home kit as recently as 1997, and blue sponsor logos on the home kit as recently as 2006.  Oh, right, and navy blue has been used as an away/third/cup color four times since the mid-1990s (I used to own this bad boy!) and in 2007-2008, this was their cup shirt:

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 3.09.00 PM

So I guess what I’m saying is, “settle down.”


One comment on “I Don’t Know, I Like It!

  1. Kevin
    June 28, 2017

    The shoes look like that so his mom can find him in the pitch! Just ask Liz…that’s how she finds Zeke! 😜😀

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