the tanner ba'

Thanks YouTube!!


Liam Boyce scoring his first international goal and the first by a Ross County player.

So this popped up as video I might like- and I did!

Here is my “takeaway” from this:  knowing that Boyce was responsible for something like 48% of County’s goals this year (plus a few assists) is one thing, seeing it is quite another.  Left foot, right foot, header, long range, from the spot, great individual moves or cleaning up the scraps left by other players or defenders, it doesn’t seem to matter, he just scores and scores and scores.  Easily the best player I’ve seen in a County shirt and it will be a miracle if we’re able to keep him for one more season.

On a personal note, it was also nice to see so many goals again that I was able to see in person!  Schalk’s equalizer in the Highland Derby, Curran’s at Partick, and Chow and Boyce at home.

Finally, a note to Jim McIntyre and Billy Dodds:  It will probably come back to bite you a few times over the course of a season, but this team is SOOOO much better when it presses the attack!  No more of this sitting back and hoping to grab a goal on the counter-attack- go forward, you have the players for it!  Boyce (I hope!), Curran, Schalk, Gardyne, etc., even Routis and McEveley had three a piece coming up from the back- get in!!

You know, I think I’m going to watch that again!



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