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Just My Opinion About The Hamilton Match


By now everyone knows two things.  First, that County are officially staying up.  Second, that if County were to give…less than their best against Hamilton on Tuesday it would guarantee that Caley are relegated.

Some may also know that doing this could be seen as retribution for Caley allowing Forfar to roll four goals past them twenty years ago much to the detriment of County.  Would there be some satisfaction to repaying that injustice?  Of course there would.

Having said that, I hope that County play their best and grab all three points on the day.  Nobody would like to see Caley relegated more than I, but do I want to see County stoop to the same kind of behavior Caley did lo those many years ago?  No.  Never.

Ultimately, whether Caley stay up or go down I don’t ever want one of their supporters to be able to point a finger and say they were “done” by County.  Unless, of course, they are referring to the outcome of the last Highland Derby, when they were well and truly “done” by County!


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