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Well, That’s County Safe!*


As I said on Twitter earlier today- a point would have been fine.  All three points was a most welcome surprise!

Hat’s off to Christopher Routis, whose goal at Fir Park is what we’ll all remember about today, not the rather dire game of football that surrounded it!  Routis’ goal- and the County clean sheet that went with it- brings the season’s point total to 39 and eliminates any chance of County getting automatically relegated this season.  It remains mathematically possible that County could end up in the relegation playoff spot, but the results that it would require for this to happen (and the 12 goal swing that would have to accompany it) are beyond far-fetched.  So, as we take another look at the numbers let us do so with an eye towards what’s happening to the other clubs in the relegation group.

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 4.41.45 PM

Perhaps of most interest here is that County’s victory over Motherwell and Caley’s win over Hamilton have tightened things up a wee bit in the bottom half of the bottom half of the Premiership table.  I still think it will be Inverness that are automatically relegated, but there will certainly be all to play for when Hamilton and Motherwell meet next week!  The “maximum point table” looks like this with three matches remaining:

  • Ross County  48
  • Kilmarnock  47
  • Dundee  45
  • Hamilton  41
  • Motherwell  41
  • Inverness  37

Just for fun, my perfect scenario for next Saturday would be for County and Kilmarnock to win and the Hamilton – Motherwell match to end in a draw.  That would leave the table looking like this with two to play:

  • Ross County  42
  • Kilmarnock  41
  • Dundee  36
  • Hamilton  33
  • Motherwell  33
  • Inverness  28

That would take County and Kilmarnock (and probably Dundee) completely out of the relegation picture and leave the bottom three to fight it out.

Is it too early to start with the, “We’re staying up and you’re no…” chants?!


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