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Back To Inverness


It will always be Victoria Park to me.

Okay, let me explain what happened.

When I was initially planning my trip Ross County was supposed to play a midweek match against Dundee F.C. on April 5.  This, I thought, was awesome- I basically get a bonus match during my trip.  So, I made all of the arrangements to return to Inverness, see the match, hop on the train back to Glasgow afterward, and fly home the next morning.  “Easy-peasy” as the saying goes.

And then it happened.

As I was putting together my itinerary, checking dates, checking times, etc. I suddenly realized that this midweek match was at night!  This should have been obvious- a midday match during the week would have drawn a crowd in the dozens and have had an average age about 70.  And, of course, with it being a night match, it was no longer possible to get back to Glasgow that evening to get my flight the following morning.

Grumble, grumble, grumble.

I changed all of my plans, decided to go to Ullapool (and from there to the Slate Isles) to check out some family-related stuff.  Fine, that would be nice, the Dundee match was going to be a “bonus” match anyway.  I shouldn’t complain.  Etc.

A few days later a photo popped up on Instagram announcing that the match had been moved- a day earlier!  I could go!!  So I’m going to my first night match at Victoria Park!

Also, yesterday (by the time you read this) I’ll have gone on a personal “behind the scenes” tour at Victoria Park courtesy of the club’s Business Development Manager Lorriane Christie.  Lorraine was kind enough to arrange a Highland Derby ticket for me earlier in my trip (as I was arriving less than 24 hours before kick-off and couldn’t risk the away allocation of tickets being sold out) and as we emailed back and forth she offered to take me on a tour.  This would be exciting under any circumstances, but especially for me since I did something similar at the club in 2002.

I’ll be interested to see how much has changed.  In 2002 County were still in the old First Division (current Championship), the Jail End was all standing, Victoria Park has had it’s stands extended and covered, its capacity increased, and most importantly, the average attendance has almost doubled.

So excited!


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