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Back To Glasgow!

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I’ve been staying at the same guesthouse in Glasgow for the better part of fifteen years now.  I’m sure there are nicer places and I’m sure there are cheaper places, but for location, this place can’t be beat.

It’s in the West End (think “hip” but also full of amazing museums), across the street from a subway station (yes, Glasgow has one, a small one, both in terms of coverage and the size of the wee subway cars themselves), the window of Room  (where I always stay if traveling alone…which is the usual situation) overlooks the River Kelvin, on the other side of the river is the campus of the University of Glasgow, and it is within walking distance of Partick Thistle F.C.’s Firhill Stadium (see the map above).

The only problem with this last “feature” is that in all the time I’ve been staying there County has never played at Firhill.  Each time I go to Glasgow I walk by the place and think, “If only…”  Well, as with many things this time around, it has finally worked out!  So, Saturday afternoon I’ll finally get to make the quick walk to Firhill, enjoy (I hope!) some football, and grab something delicious to eat on the way home.  No buses.  No trains.  Not bad.

The previous day, however, might be just as much fun!

I’m going to go to Fat Buddha (only Google it after you give somebody you trust your credit cards) where I will try not to spend money on a pair of dope-ass sneakers that I will then have to schlep around for the remainder of my trip.  I will try- no promises.

Later tonight (yes, I know I keep changing tenses, I’m writing these posts well in advance of my trip!) I may go to Clydebank Town Hall to see Big Country.  Except, who is in Big Country at this point?  Stuart Adamson, sadly, took his own life in 2001 and the Alarm’s Mike Peter’s who filled in capably for 3-4 years has moved on to resume his own solo and Alarm-related activities, sooo?  As best I can tell the troup is now Bruce Watson (original guitarist), Bruce’s son, Jamie (also a guitarist), Mark Brzezicki (original drummer), Simon Hough (new vocalist), and Scott Whitley (bassist).

I think what I’m saying is that I’ll probably go, but my expectations will be…modest.


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