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Did Somebody Say Remote?


Hoping the crossing goes better than this, but, well, been there, done that.

Sunday was a “rest day” and yesterday was a “travel day,” but today I arrive as near to the edge of the world as I have probably ever been.

Last night I took the overnight ferry from Aberdeen to Lerwick in the Shetland Islands.  I’ll be spending most of the first day in and around Lerwick seeing nerdy Viking and pre-Viking stuff, loading up on supplies, and then hopping on a bus for the village (that may be generous!) of Eshaness.

In Eshaness I’ll be spending three days in what, all over the UK is called a “wigwam.”  I’ll leave the historical inaccuracy/cultural insensitivity of that term for another time and simply say that it looks like this on the outside:


I’m staying in the green one (not a bad view, eh?)

And on the inside it looks like this:


The seats in the back of the photo slide down to form a sleeping platform.  I’ll have heat, lights, a kettle, and the small fridge you see in the foreground- showers and laundry facilities are in a separate building.

The wigwam will be my “base camp” as I plan to spend my days walking some of the amazing cliffside trails that originate near Eshaness.

Oh, how far out will I be?  Well, Lerwick is 100 miles north of the Scottish mainland and Eshaness is a further 50 miles NNE east of there.  Did somebody say “alone time?”


One comment on “Did Somebody Say Remote?

  1. Sculptor?!?
    March 21, 2017

    This looks FABULOUS. ❤

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