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Derby Day!!


I will continue to use this picture at every possible opportunity.

It’s taken almost twenty years of following Ross County and traveling to Scotland every other year to see them play but my patience is finally paying off- today I’ll be at my first Highland Derby match!  Sure, it would be better if it were a home match at Victoria Park, but having said that, I like that I can walk from my B&B to Caledonian Stadium.

Caledonian Stadium, itself, is another matter.  I’ve posted pictures before showing the snow-capped mountains visible from most every seat in County’s Victoria Park, and there are sea views from other seats.  Here is Caledonian Stadium…

screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-11-56-28-amSure, it’s on the water like County’s ground, but where Victoria Park is located between the water’s edge and the medieval town of Dingwall, Caledonian Stadium is located between the water and…a giant industrial estate.  Oh, the atmosphere!

Anyway, should be a blast!  Caley are flirting with relegation and, unfortunately, as I write this, County are headed in that direction as well.

Get in!!

Oh, and I did a little checking at the last minute to see if there might be any music I wanted to see while I was in Scotland so after the match I’ll grab some dinner and then make about a 5 minute walk to see Stiff Little Fingers!  What’s that?!  You don’t know them?  For shame.


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