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I’m Ready For My Close-Up!


You will not be shocked to learn that I am a daily reader of Paul Lukas’ excellent website Uni Watch.  I’ve occasionally sent him- or his staff- items of uni-centric interest that I’ve come upon, be it a pub sign in Glasgow that ripped off the Boston Celtics logo and other tid bits.  I don’t believe, however, that any of those have ever made the site!  Today I did, though, and it was football-related!


I’ll save you the click-through, here is Lee Hodson and his shirt:


“A crest was applied at halftime…”  What!?  This leaves me with so many questions…  First off, the crest on the Rangers’ kits are embroidered (see below) directly onto the fabric.  They are not patches that could be quickly hand-stitched onto the top and they are not heat-transfers that would require little more than an iron to affix.  Second, do Rangers travel with an embroidery machine, or do they bring a long a few heat transfer logos “just in case?”  Finally, and perhaps most puzzling, they don’t bring a long a long-sleeved top for Hodson?  Or a “blood shirt” for any player to use (I believe this is actually a FIFA rule)?  Odd.


Anyway, none of this is a big deal, really.  I’m just kinda jazzed about it (I know, I set the bar pretty low these days).

Oh, and Rangers lost.  Dropped six points behind second place Aberdeen and are only five points ahead of fourth place Hearts.



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