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Another American Breaks The Grass Ceiling


Recently Perry Kitchen became the first American to captain a Scottish club and now Bob Bradley has become the first American hired to manage a club- Swansea City A.F.C.- in the English Premiership.

A few years ago I might have had something snarky to say about Bradley, but the fact is that he was a good coach in MLS, has proven himself in Norway (becoming the first American to manage a club in a top European league) and France (and in a stint as manager of the Egyptian National Team) since then, and perhaps most importantly, as the years go by his tenure with the USMNT starts to look better- in my opinion at least.

Swansea won their first match of the 2016-2017 season but haven’t won since, leaving them out of the relegation zone only by way of goal difference- Bradley clearly has some work to do if he wants to keep the Swans up at the end of the season.  That said, it’s probably the best scenario for him- he really can’t help but do better than his predecessor Francesco Guidolin, can he?

Swansea City supporters appear to think that their club could do better than hiring a manager fresh out of France’s Ligue 2, but as the kids say, they may need to check themselves before they wreck themselves.  Under Bradley Swansea probably won’t play “champagne football,” but they’ll be hard to break down and will probably survive the season.  And, sorry Swans supporters, that’s probably the best you can hope for in most seasons.

Finally, full-disclosure, Swansea City is owned by Americans so it’s probably not a shock that they were the first club to bring in and American gaffer.

So, with all sincerity, Good luck, Bob!


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