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Viva Las Vegas: Day Two

Well, now...

Well, now…

Things really get rolling today, the first “full” day of the festival.

The bulk of the day is made up of alternating DJ’ed events and live music.  Today’s performers come from the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Switzerland, and Australia, to name only a few.  The musical highlight of the day will probably be seeing Danny B. Harvey, guitarist for the Rockats, and of equal importance to me, one third of the supergroup “The Head Cat.”  The other two-thirds of said group being drummer Slim Jim Phantom (of the Stray Cats) and bass player/vocalist Lemmy (of…do I even need to tell you!?).

There will be more burlesque bingo, bowling, vendors (to which we have special access due to our “High Roller” passes), the Sailor Jerry Tattoo Lounge, and, oh, would you look at that?!  The burlesque showcases start today!  Said showcases will feature, among many, many others, the talents of Roxy Dlite (above), who clearly looks good even standing still.

The “day” doesn’t actually end until 7am Saturday morning, but I doubt we’ll last that long.  That being said, I have warned Dan that if he asks to “call it a day” before midnight at any point during our visit he will be open to the scorn and mockery that only three decades of friendship produce.  It’s a shame what marriage, fatherhood, and a successful career can do to a man…


One comment on “Viva Las Vegas: Day Two

  1. Sculptor?!?
    April 15, 2016

    And if he does, you’ll be sure to out him, for more scorn-by-proxy…

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