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Viva Las Vegas: Day One


Today is the first day of the 10th annual national gathering of the Society of Rugged Intellectuals (S.R.I.).

This year we are in Las Vegas, NV for the 19th annual “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend,” four days of rockabilly music, tattoos, burlesque performances, car shows, pin-up girls, sweet hairstyles, bowling, and who knows what else?

My day began in Manchester, NH- known, coincidentally, as “Manch-Vegas” by the locals.  From Manchester I flew to Washington, D.C. and met up with my best friend of thirty years (and the only other member of the Society), Dan.  From D.C. Dan and I flew to Vegas, checked in to our hotel, an then headed here:


Lotus of Siam, despite it’s somewhat humble appearance and location in a strip mall, is generally regarded as one of the best Thai restaurants in all of America and is also, quite happily, quite reasonably priced- criminally so, one might say.

After dinner we’ll be off to the Orleans Hotel- host of this weekend’s festivities- where we’ll check in, get our “High Roller” wristbands, and then perhaps enjoy a little music, or, if the timing is right, perhaps play a game or two of “burlesque bingo.”

More or less a low-key day, but things heat up tomorrow!


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