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WeeFuse’s Weekend Wrap-Up

Words to live by.

Words to live by.

When it comes to football there are some weekends you just want to forget, and when it comes to Ross County F.C. and the New England Revolution this was one of them.

If began on Saturday when, after grinding out a point against St. Johnstone in their midweek match, County’s wheels came off in the Highland Derby.  Caley had pretty much ended the affair before halftime and that, coupled with most other results going the “wrong” way means that County dropped from 4th place to 6th place this weekend.

With two matches to go before the split County lead Dundee and Partick by three points for the sixth place spot and they play Dundee next weekend (Partick play Kilmarnock so you might as well give the Jags the three points) and Partick the following weekend, so their fate is completely in their own hands.  Well, except that both sides have a match in hand over County.  ARRGH!! I didn’t think I was going to have to worry about all of this!

If there was anything good that happened in Dingwall on Saturday it happened after the match as the players and staff paraded the recently-won League Cup Trophy through the streets of the town via an open-topped bus.  I’m sure everyone on the bus and everyone on the street had a good time, but how much sweeter would it have been if the boys had just taken three points of Caley…or even one?

It continued on Saturday when the New England Revolution traveled to Philadelphia Chester, PA to play the Philadelphia Union (how was this club not named “Union Philadelphia?!”)- it didn’t go well.  Despite dominating long stretches of play the Revs found themselves down 2-0 after 33 minutes and the match was pretty much over in the 36th minute when New England’s Je-Vaughn Watson was given a straight red (deserved!) for a studs-up tackle.  The only reason the score didn’t get embarrassing was that New England’s Bobby Shuttleworth saved not one, but TWO Philadelphia penalty kicks and through in a few other point blank saves during the second half to prevent any further embarrassment for the club.

Referee Nima Saghafi was in charge of his first MLS match- and it showed.  He wasn’t so much bad as naive.  He got the red card right and he got one of the PKs right, but he got the other PK wrong, and perhaps more than that, Philadelphia’s Ilson played him like a fiddle for the whole match, drawing phantom fouls by flopping all over the place and somehow getting away with about five yellow cards worth of “persistent infringement” in the 77 minutes he played.

Finally, one bitter, but I think legitimate, thing I’d like to mention:  The Sons of Ben are terrible.  Only the fact that they are shielded from scrutiny by the antics of Eagles and Flyers fans prevents them from getting the derision they so richly deserve.


One comment on “WeeFuse’s Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Sculptor?!?
    March 21, 2016

    Yup. The SOB are why I refused to support the PU as my “local” team. And you know there’s no way I’m supporting anything with “New York” attached to it. 😛

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