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The League Cup Final


I’ve thought long and hard about what I wanted to say ahead of today’s League Cup Final between Ross County F.C. and Hibernian F.C.. and here it is.

No matter what happens today- and I truly believe County have an excellent chance of bringing home the cup- Ross County are my club.

County are not a perfect club, but they are a club that strives for perfection and that’s really all a supporter can ask for.  Have there been a few missteps along the way since entering league football?  Sure, but for every Willie McStay and Atli Gregersen there has been a Jim McIntyre, a Derek Adams, a Scott Boyd, and a Michael Gardyne.

There’s the Highland Football Academy, there are the yearly trips into the deeper Highlands and the Islands to bring the game to all the wee ones in those areas, there’s the practice of bringing former players (Stuart Kettlewell!) back to the club, the return of the ladies team (one of the reasons County became my club in the first place), and the willingness to give local boys (and now girls!) every opportunity to progress at the club.

So, whatever happens today, I’m proud to be a Staggie.




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This entry was posted on March 13, 2016 by in Hibernian F.C., Ross County F.C., Scottish League Cup.
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