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Ross County F.C. 2 – 0 Kilmarnock F.C.


Ross County moved back into fourth place in the Scottish Premiership today thanks to an early (8th minute) goal from Alex Schalk (and a very late goal from Brian Graham, who has also been hot…ish) .  Schalk’s play of late- first getting hot in the various cup competitions and now in the league- makes one wonder what will happen when Craig Curran eventually returns from injury. In the best of all possible worlds it will create a healthy competition between the two for a starting place.  Unless, of course, Jim McIntyre decides to play them both and sit down the ice-cold Liam Boyce for a while.

The win gives County 39 points on the season and as I’ve proven(?) several times in recent seasons via my own special kind of statistical analysis, all things being equal, three more points will ensure another season in the top flight.  A few more an finishing in the top half of the table will be a certainty, and who knows, holding on to fourth place until the end of the season could make a European campaign possible, if not probable.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day- though it shouldn’t have been- was to see the name of developmental squad goalkeeper Mark Foden on the team sheet.  With Gary Woods currently first choice due to Scott Fox’s injury and no third goalkeeper in the senior side it falls to Foden to be the back-up netminder for the foreseeable future.  The only thing I know about Foden at this point is that he is either a) a prematurely balding ten year old, or a baby-faced forty year old.  Developmental squad fullback Christopher McLaughlin also made the bench.

Finally, thanks to Mike Munro (who follows me on Twitter) for allowing me to watch a good portion of the match via the Periscope app- that was an unexpected surprise, and one that led me to ask myself, “Does Kilmarnock have any home support?”  Based on what I could see the home side only drew several hundred (I was tempted to type “dozens”) supporters to this match.  I know it’s a mid-week match and the club are currently second last in the table, but c’mon!

Pssst…Hearts beat Caley, 2-0.  Heh. Heh. Heh.

On an unrelated note, I ordered away shorts and home and away socks from County- they send me the away shorts and two pairs of home socks.  D’oh!  Oh well, it would cost more to send them back than they are worth so I guess Im stuck with them.  Either way I’ll be wearing the socks and shorts for my indoor match tonight!


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