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Odds & Ends: NO, NO, NO! Edition



  • Is this the new USMNT shirt?  If so, the new crest (which has been more or less confirmed at this point) is the only good part about it.  It pretty much has to be worn with black shorts (FIFA rules and all that) and socks and that doesn’t make it any better.  I’ll be honest, the women’s white/black/neon kit grew on me a bit, but this, this is garbage.  Even if it wasn’t a “national” kit it would still be terrible.  I thought the “rocket pop” kits were the worst.  Then I thought the blue “gradient” kits were the worst.  And now this.
  • How did Ross County’s match against bottom club Dundee United go this weekend?  You’ve got the internet, you take a look.  All I know is that, whether the performance was the worst or not, it was the most disappointing result in my time as a supporter.  It feels me with dread that we will face this same club in the finals of the League Cup.
  • The New England Revolution won the pre-season Desert Diamond Cup in Arizona this weekend.  This victory means…nothing.  Never has, never will.  Yes, a few players made a good impression, Charlie Davies certainly hasn’t forgotten how to score goals, and…and…some other stuff.  The point is that the club is still probably a front-line player away from being a legit playoff contender.
  • So, Leicester City are going to do this, aren’t they?  And Tottenham are going probably going to finish second?  I like this so much!  Almost as much as I like that Liverpool are in eighth place and Chelsea are in eleventh!
  • I finally broke down an bought FIFA 16 so that I could play as Ross County.  I’m about to enter my third season in managerial “career mode” and so far so good.  I think I can finish in the top half of the table this season.  Better yet, I’m succeeding with about 80% of the Ross County 2015 roster- no mercenaries here!
  • Kilmarnock striker Josh Magennis said he was racially abused during his club’s visit to Heart of Midlothian’s Tynecastle Stadium.  Hearts said, no, they’ve determined that he was not abused for being black, he was abused for being Irish.  Oh, well, that’s okay then?!

5 comments on “Odds & Ends: NO, NO, NO! Edition

  1. Kevin
    February 29, 2016

    All I could think when I saw this mock up on Friday was…..AYSO. 😕

  2. Sculptor?!?
    February 29, 2016

    Oh, what fresh hell is this? Just….no.

  3. jjf3
    March 5, 2016

    Dear Nike: Please, please, just. fucking. stop. I’ve been bitching about this for far too long…pick some basic overarching color theme for the home shirt, and fucking stick with it for longer than 6 months. And stop with the peyote during design and sign-off…

    • weefuse
      March 5, 2016

      Well, for what it’s worth I like the one you linked to a lot better than the stupid black one that has been making the rounds!

  4. jjf3
    March 5, 2016

    I haven’t decided on either one yet. The black (presumably away) I don’t like now, and I doubt I will later. The white (home) I like in and of itself right now, though seeing it on a person may change my opinion. I do wonder about the light blue instead of flag/navy blue, though I’m guessing it looks better than a darker shade. But my biggest problem is that once again the entire design/look of our home shirt has changed yet again. Do we wear all white, do we wear hoops, do we wear white with big splashes of red or blue or both? Or do we wear sashes, vertical single stripes, or frat-boy polo shirts? Or something else entirely? I’ve given up on my hope for navy blue becoming our standard home color, but can we just pick any one look that, when I turn on a random soccer match in 2 years, I’ll know right away if its the USA playing or not? Is that REALLY too much to ask?

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