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The 2016 New England Revolution Primary Kit

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 7.32.28 PM

What’s not to like?

Well, a few things, but they’re pretty much of the “quibble” variety.

On the shirt, well, there’s a lot going on: Adidas word mark/logo, Adidas striping, club badge, league badges, and sponsor logo.  It’s that last one that bothers me more than the rest.  It’s just too big and it creates too big of a gap in the central stripe(s).  I also think that the inclusion of UHC’s “logo” on the right side of the chest throws off the balance of the shirt.  Take it away and the whole shirt looks better.

I’m also not sure about the “notch” detail in the central stripe(s).  I’m not saying I don’t like it, just that I’d like to see how it would have looked without the notching.  The collar is…I don’t know.  I want it to be different, but I’m not sure what could have been without adding an even more busy appearance to the shirt.  Also, the club needs a new badge, like, yesterday.

No problem with the shorts, with the somewhat cluttered top they are what they need to be- simple, straight-forward.

Same goes for the socks.  I don’t like them as much as last year’s (solid blue with thin white “rings”), but I like them.  Red detail on the cuff, club name across the shin, again, straight-forward, uncluttered.  I wonder if supporters will be able to buy them?  Sorry, still bitter about not being able to buy last year’s!

So, what’s my overall impression?  I’ll say “B+” but with the hope that this kit is the beginning of a process by which the establishes a visual identity.  I’d be in favor of the club making the central stripe(s) it’s trademark going forward and, combined with a new club crest and a better iteration of the UHC logo they could have a real winner as soon as next season.


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