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Oh Dear, Columbus Crew. Oh Dear.

Why would you even...

Why would you even…

When all I had seen of the new Columbus Crew S.C. “For Columbus” kit was the shirt I thought it could actually work.  Worn with primarily white shorts and primarily white socks I think they might have been on to something. Something a little “left of center,” but still pretty good.  Sort of a 1990s European, “continental” look.

Then I saw the full kit a few minutes ago and…I…what?!  No…no…no.

I’m not going to go off the deep end and call this the worst kit in MLS history, but it’s got to be in what, the top five?  It looks like every terrible Kansas City Wiz/Wizards offering distilled into a single kit.  I get that they were playing off the city flag of Columbus and their traditional black/yellow/white color scheme, but it’s all gone wrong, so terribly wrong.

I don’t want to read too much into the picture, but every player- except for the one with his socks over his knees and his shirt tucked in…oh, no, that’s Kei Kamara!- looks like they are being held hostage.  Seriously, watch the video.  Poor Michael Parkhurst.  I’ve got half a mind to track down Liam Neeson and see if he can get to Columbus and save them.

I shall now sacrifice a goat to the Kraft Family in the hopes that the New England Revolution kit to be launched tomorrow will be no worse than stultifyingly boring.



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This entry was posted on February 10, 2016 by in Columbus Crew, Football Shirts, Major League Soccer, New England Revolution.
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