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UPDATED: Odds & Ends: Too Soon Edition


Note:  Normally I like to leave at least 10 days between posts like this but lots of little things have happened in the past week that are worth a mention, so here we are again!

  • The New England Revolution have waived forward Sean Okoli.  Apparently the training trip to Portugal wasn’t enough to keep the former Sounders forward in the picture.  Or, put another way, “yawn.”
  • The Orlando City away kit is nice.
  • Everyone (including Major League Soccer) other than the New England Revolution are reporting that the club’s recent Designated Player signing, midfielder Xavier Kouassi, suffered a serious knee injury in FC Sion’s recent match against FC Zürich.  How serious?  Torn ACL and out of action for 6-9 months.  He wasn’t due to suit up for the Revs until July 1 which, given that the 2016 MLS season is over in less than nine months means that unless the club makes it deep into the playoffs there is little chance Kouassi will play this year.  It’s hard to say what this means for the club.  He was going to miss half the season anyway, other than to the Revolution brass he is essentially an unknown quantity, so who knows what difference he was going to make in 2016?
  • Relatedly, am I the only one who thinks that if this had happened to the L.A. Galaxy- sign a Designated Player who suffers a season-ending injury before he ever suits up- Don Garber would already have his minions uncovering a heretofore unknown “Mulligan Rule” which would allow the club to sign a different player with no negative impact on their finances or roster?  Yeah, it’s probably just me…
  • Thursday the Revolution’s new home kit will be released.  In what is perhaps the least well-kept secret in the league, the new home top will feature a central stripe(s) ala France’s Paris Saint-Germain F.C., something like this.
  • Sporting KC continues to roll out the classy kits.  Some are already referring to it as “Blue Steel.”
  • AC Milan/Atletico Madrid “striker” Fernando Torres reportedly has contract offeres from three MLS clubs.  I pray that the Revolution are not among them- there’s a reason I put quotation marks around his position.  He has not scored 10 or more goals since the 2009-2010 season with Liverpool.  Conor-Freakin’-Casey has scored more goals than Torres since then!
  • Leicester City are going to do this, aren’t they?
  • Ross County have drawn Dundee United at home in the quarterfinals of the Scottish Cup.  A winnable match-up and one step closer to the treble!
  • Lee Clark, who most recently led Blackpool to relegation from the Championship, is the new front-runner for the manager’s job at Kilmarnock.
  • After looking forward to it all week I found out today that I don’t have an indoor match tonight because they playoffs are tonight and apparently a 2-5 record is not good enough to get my team into the post-season.  Ah well, we start up again next week.
  • Finally, word on the internet street is that Motherwell F.C. are about to enter administration for the second time (2002 was the first).  The last club to go into administration were Dundee F.C. in 2010 and they were docked 25 points, dooming them to relegation at the end of the season.  Should this happen to Motherwell- and it should if they go into administration during the season- they would have only 1pt and be trailing Dundee United by 12 points.  This would give United at chance at remaining in the Premiership- a chance they don’t have now- and relieve every other club in the top tier of any worry about relegation.  Yikes.

2 comments on “UPDATED: Odds & Ends: Too Soon Edition

  1. Kevin
    February 9, 2016

    I can’t actually believe that MLS contracts don’t contain some sort of “fit to play” clause built in to the boiler plate.

    And I also believe if this had happened to LA or Seattle or either NY team, that the “do-over” clause would miraculously be found in the labyrinth.

    I hope beyond all hope that Leicester do this!!

    • weefuse
      February 9, 2016

      I’m assuming that the Revs/league takes out the appropriate “insurance” on every contract, but I just have that sneaking suspicion that “more” than that would be done for a “big” club. That said, all of the reasons that New England aren’t a big club and miss out on the “special treatment” reside at Gillette/with the Kraft family. Being in New England/a mid-sized market has never been an impediment to the Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, or Red Sox becoming national forces.

      Vardy is a reprobate, but the implications of Leicester winning the Premiership are delightful so I’ll deal with it.

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