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I Always Support The Underdog…


…but not today.

I’m happy that Linlithgow Rose, a junior side, has made it this far into the Scottish Cup, but County need to show them the door later today.  County could not have asked for a better draw- a junior side, at home- to help them move into the final eight of the tournament and they need to take advantage of that today and to do so early and decisively.

Within the first thirty minutes- failing that, certainly by halftime- the match’s outcome should be a foregone conclusion and County’s priorities should be getting a clean sheet, avoiding injuries, and getting needed minutes for a few fringe players- assuming a few are not in the starting eleven to begin with.

So, County, respect you’re opponents and what they’ve accomplished thus far- and then crush them.

‘mon the Staggies!!!


2 comments on “I Always Support The Underdog…

  1. Martinovich
    February 6, 2016

    I have found that supporting the underdog (which of course you don’t against your team!) has gone the way of winning with class. My high school alma mater American football team is curently a national powerhouse, yet many of us alumni will have nothing to do with it as it doesn’t merely run the score up, but uses trick plays ( once a fake punt in the 4th Q) in games it is winning by 5 touchdowns or more. Much like your excellent article about charity a year or two ago touched upon, there is too much overdogging and sneering at those less talented or fortunate in this country nowadays.

    Also, turn down that loud rock music and get off my lawn you whippersnappers!

    • weefuse
      February 6, 2016

      Damn kids with their rock & roll music and hot rod cars!

      County won today, but both the County manager (and players) and the Linlithgow Rose manager had nothing but praise for the Linlithgow players. It probably wasn’t as close as 4-2 (one of Rose’s goals was an own goal), but their heart, the size of their traveling support, etc. was a credit to them.

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