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WeeFuse Debunks A Transfer Rumor…Probably



For the last 24 hours the internet has been abuzz with speculation that current A.C. Milan midfielder, Antonio Nocerino (above), is the unnamed designated p

layer that the New England Revolution will be announcing within the next week or so.  Please follow along (it will be quick, I promise!) as I tell you why this is not going to happen.

Let me begin by saying that my case is based upon the assumption (maybe a shaky one) that all of those involved actually know the meaning of the terms they are using.  Let’s start with what the Revolution said about their “secret” designated player.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.55.23 PM

Somehow this statement has been connected to a statement made by A.C. Milan president Alberto Galliani (via, in which he said, “Antonio Nocerino? He’s the only player heading out, we’re expecting an offer from MLS to arrive and that could be a solution.”

Here’s the problem:

1) If the Revolution had signed a pre-contract with Nocerino that means that he is still under contract to Milan- he is, until August 31- but that either he or his club have decided that he will not be returning to the club.  (Trust me, as a Ross County supporter I know all about pre-contracts, see Brittain, Richard).

2.) If this is the case, that he will not return to the San Siro, then he is essentially a free agent, which means that MLS does not have to make Milan an offer for him and that Alberto Galliani is mistaken if he thinks he’s getting any money when Nocerino leaves because, if he’s been allowed to sign a pre-contract, he gone already.

The end.



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