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Odds & Ends: Holiday Hangover Edition


  • MLS expansion sideL.A.F.C. revealed their team colors and crest this week as they continue preparations for the 2018 season.  I like both, but I liked them a whole lot less after I read all of the balderdash behind them.  What’s wrong with saying, “these are cool colors and a cool design for a crest” and moving on?  What a load of mularkey.  Also, poppycock.  Will Ferrell (above) was also announced as a part owner of the club, which will undoubtably cause somebody at MLS headquarters to create some sort of phony “derby” between L.A. and Seattle because of Drew Carey’s involvement with the Sounders.  Fiddlesticks!
  • I choose to look at the positives in Ross County F.C.’s Scottish Cup 4th round draw with Dunfermline Athletic F.C. today at East End Park in Dunfermline.  First, the replay will be at County’s Victoria Park.  Second, the back-up strike team of Alex Schalk and Brian Graham were involved in both goals. Third, Dunfermline might be a lower league club, but they also might be the “hottest” club in league football at the moment as they are threatening to run away with the League One title.  Fourth, County will, I hope, have a healthier squad to choose from in the replay.  So, basically, everything is fine.  FINE I TELL YOU!!
  • The MLS SuperDraft is only a week away and…and I don’t know.  The New England Revolution have one pick in the first round (#10), one pick in the second round (#30), one pick in the third round (#51), and no picks in the fourth round because they traded it to Vancouver for Daigo Kobayashi a couple of years ago.  According to an mock draft the Revolution should take CB Kyle Fisher from Clemson University.  I dunno, I guess that sounds good, they do need help in the the center of the defense.  That said, remember the name Thomas Junior Libiih…
  • The least surprising thing to happen in football yesterday?  Stanford’s Jordan Morris won the Hermann Trophy as the top Division I player.  Now all that remains is to find out if he’ll be spending his “senior year” in MLS or in Europe?  A couple of years ago I might have laughed if he chose MLS, but a (successful) year or two with an MLS side might mean the difference between being stuck on the reserve side of a big Bundesliga club or walking right into the senior team at a mid-level Premiership side like Stoke City or Everton, for example.
  • Finally, and apropos of nothing football-related, let me say that I find people with no apparent curiosity strange, and frankly, troubling.  I can’t imagine just sleepwalking through life never feeling the need to ask questions like “How?” or “Why?”  It’s not right.

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