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Things I Don’t Want To Talk About: A List


  • That County lost to Caley in the Highland Derby.
  • That Liam Boyce is out for the next four weeks with a broken hand.  Can’t they put a soft cast on it, tape it up, etc.?!
  • That Craig Curran may have suffered a second concussion this season and may be out for a month…or more.  As a New England Revolution supporter hearing that a player has suffered repeated concussions gives me a very bad feeling.
  • That County manager Jim McIntyre doesn’t seem to concerned about making any moves during the January transfer window.  Or about anything else, for that matter.  I guess I’m just not used to him not being Derek “Chip On My Shoulder” Adams yet when it comes to matters such as these.
  • That the New England Revolution continue to do NOTHING to improve their squad ahead of the 2016 MLS season.  No joke, I’m seriously considering picking them to finish last in the Eastern Conference.
  • That the L.A. Galaxy’s recent roster moves may represent a serious step backward for one of MLS’s premier franchises- seriously, Ashley Cole?!
  • That Scotland, despite the efforts of Gordon Strachan, don’t appear to be going anywhere.  I picture him in a car with his foot mashing the accelerator but not knowing the car is still in park.  Is that an apt metaphor?  Or even a metaphor at all?
  • That the USMNT  is doing the same thing, but in Klinsmann’s case he doesn’t know that the steering wheel isn’t connected to anything so he’s just veering around wildly at high speed but not getting anywhere.

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