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New England Revolution Roster News & Rumors


Let’s start with the actual news first…

Recently released midfielder Steven Neumann has been re-signed by the club.  You don’t hear this term used a lot in the U.S., but in the U.K., the news of his rejoining the club would be received with the following phrase, “Nice squad player…”  Or, put another way, nobody expects him to start, just to push the first choice midfielders in training and come on as an occasional substitute or cup player.  Sounds about right.

Now for the rumor…

…actually, it’s a rumor in two parts, both parts of which are currently making the rounds on the Twitter (from @RevGunner via @TheBentMusket).

Supposedly Lee Nguyen is going to be sold by the club/league to one of the many clubs outside MLS interested in his services (this part I can actually believe).  The Revolution will, in turn, sign Italian international and current Sporing Lisbon (formerly of Fiorentina, Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Triestina, and Roma) midfielder Alberto Acquilani as his replacement.  I don’t know that I believe this, but it does dovetail nicely with the visit of general manager Mike Burns and club president Brian Bilello to Sporting this week.

Financially the deal would make sense even if it was an outright purchase rather than a loan as Acquilani’s contract with Sporting (which began this year) is thought to be for three years at about $1.1m/year.  Nguyen made about $200,000 last year, but with the departure of Jermaine Jones New England would probably still come out about $2m ahead, money that could go towards another DP level signing.

We shall see…


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