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WeeFuse Avoids The Issue- With BOOKS!!

Worth a visit if you're ever in Dublin.

Worth a visit if you’re ever in Dublin.

(Please accept the following in lieu of my writing about the debacle that was Ross County’s Saturday match against St. Johnstone and any discussion of what the club’s current “downward trend” might mean for the rest of the season.  I just can’t think about it right now.)

For a long time I have been bothering my Facebook friends with an annual post of the books I’ve read during the soon-to-be-over-calendar year, but this year I thought I’d switch things up and annoy YOU with it, so here it is…or at least as much as I can remember and/or verify through my online purchase history…

  • A Swell Looking Babe by Jim Thompson
  • Web of the City by Harlan Ellison
  • Joyland by Stephen King
  • The Far Cry by Fredric Brown
  • Shoot the Piano Player by David Goodis
  • The Day of Atonement by David Liss
  • Borderline by Lawrence Block
  • A Walk Among the Tombstones by Lawrence Block
  • The Werewolf of Bamberg by Oliver Pötzsch
  • Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino
  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (re-read)
  • False Negative by Joseph Koenig
  • Clandestine by James Ellroy
  • Ride the Pink Horse by Dorothy B. Hughes
  • Fatal Enquiry by Will Thomas
  • Brainquake by Samuel Fuller
  • Seduction of the Innocent by Max Allan Collins
  • The Wrong Quarry by Max Allan Collins

Yikes.  That’s a lot shorter than it should be- not a good year.  That said, the fact that there are no non-fiction books or biographies listed tells me that I’m forgetting a lot of books.  Or that I was replaced by an imposter for some or all of 2015.  I think I’ll probably be back with an updated list at some point as not being able to remember the rest of my literary adventures this year is going to plague me until I do!


One comment on “WeeFuse Avoids The Issue- With BOOKS!!

  1. Sculptor?!?
    December 8, 2015

    Still puts my book list to shame (I think? I maybe read…two), since I don’t count anything I edited. I just…don’t have the time to sit and read any more (I can’t read for only half an hour, I’m one of those who needs hours at a stretch and will eat a book in an afternoon). And that makes me sad.

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