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This Holiday Season Give The Gift That Matters


Here are the facts, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), both the best and funniest television program to ever grace the English language went off the air fifteen years ago- and it is coming back.

Joel Hodgson, the driving force behind the show’s original incarnation and it’s first “host,” has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to bring back the show for as long as a full season (twelve, two hour episodes) with the idea being that if he and the Misties (the original show’s fans) can make that happen he can probably get a network (or Hulu, or Netflix, or Amazon) interested in financing further seasons.

To date- there’s a week left- the campaign has brought in just over $3.7m, guaranteeing that at least six episodes will be made.  If it hits $4.4m, nine episodes will be made, if it hits $5.5m, all twelve episodes will be made.  Even at it’s present amount the campaign is the second most successful one of it’s kind behind only the campaign to make the Veronica Mars movie (mmm…Kristen Bell…).

There are a lot more details- it would take a scientist to explain them- but suffice it to say, if you loved the original show, get your wallet out.  I’ve donated…and increased the amount twice as the rewards have improved.

Finally, in case you are wondering, the cast will be all new, but part of that cast will be Patton Oswalt, so, yeah.  All of the “Bots” will be back, but obviously with a new human cast, they will have different voices. Again, you can read about all of this an more by clicking the link above.

What?!  You’ve never seen the show?!  Kids these days…  Well, pull up a chair!


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