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You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down


To the best of my recollection when the indoor season began last week it marked my 40th year of organized soccer- but the less said about that the better…

Last week, as is the case for the first match of every season, was terrible.  Well, at least the second half was- our team is about 50% new this year, we’re pretty much all out of shape, rusty, etc..  I was no exception- my football brain knew what to do in most cases, but I had the touch of a blacksmith and the physical stamina of…something slow and out of shape.  We lost.  (It should be noted that due to an oversight on my part my bag still had my old turf shoes in it and not my “golden slippers,” so, you know, I was off my game before the opening whistle!)

This week was a bit better.  I’ve lost about 10lbs since our first match, I now know the names of most of our new players, and a few returning players who’d missed the first match were in attendance.  We won, 4-2.  I scored the second goal by following up a rebound of my own shot, I assisted on the third goal by scooping the ball over the back line where our forward (there’s no offsides in indoor!) flicked it off his head and past the goalkeeper, and I also assisted on the fourth goal when I- again- chipped the ball over the backline to one of our forwards who, though he needed a few wacks at it, finally put the ball away.

Finally, there’s a chance that a month or so from now I’ll have pictures (video?) of myself in action that I can post here on the website- assuming, of course, that I’m looking/playing well…


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