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Yesterday afternoon the Golden Eagles of Gilford High School in Gilford, NH met the Hillcats of Hillsboro-Deering High School of Hillsborough, NH to play for the state’s Division III boy’s soccer championship.  This was Gilford’s 25th appearance in the state title match and they made the most of it, winning 1-0 in double overtime to earn their 15th state championship- and as the number seven seed in the tournament, no less!  Perhaps more importantly, this was their first state title since 2010- the first year that the school fielded a football team in the fall as well as a soccer team.  For a high school with less than 300 males students in grades 9-12 that’s a pretty big blow to the talent pool.  I suspect that Gilford’s coach- and my high school coach- Dave Pinkham enjoyed this one just a bit more because of that.

If you’re new- or even “newish”- to this site, here’s a bit of what this program- that I was honored to play for- has accomplished in it’s history:

National Records/Rankings

  • #1 133 consecutive matches without a loss.
  • #2 10 consecutive state titles.
  • #1 1 goal conceded (1999) (17 shutouts in 18 matches)
  • #2 2 goals conceded (2001)
  • #2 121 consecutive matches without being shut out.
  • #9 15 state titles (9 time runners-up as well) though the team has only existed since 1974.
  • #10 46 consecutive victories (1992-1995).

*several Gilford players also hold national records as part of the various “streaks.”

**several Gilford players/teams hold state records as part of the various “streaks.”

Coach Pinkham, who has been in charge since 1977 ranks as follows nationally:

  • #1 All-time state titles (15)
  • #6 Total wins for active coaches (611-60-29)
  • #7 All-time winning percentage (90.7)
  • #10 Total wins all-time (611-60-29)
  • Two-time National Coach of the Year

Enjoy it, boys!


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