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Jermaine Jones: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?



A few days ago I had a bit to say both on the way Jermaine Jones’ season with the Revolution ended (badly for him and for the club) and today I’d like to say a bit more.

A few days after Jones earned a red card by arguing with and then making physical contact with an official at the conclusion of the playoff match between the Revolution and D.C. United Jones took to Instagram to thank Revolution fans for their support over the last 18 months and to express his excitement about- and I’m paraphrasing here- “what the next step will be?”

Since then, Jones has backpedalled a bit.  In this article and several others Jones has expressed a preference to stay with the Revolution- he likes his teammates, he likes the ownership, he likes the City of Boston, etc..  While this all may be true, it is also his opening salvo in his attempt to negotiate with the club.  I say this because he quickly follows it with what essentially amount to his “demands”:

  • For family reasons (and I tend to believe him on this topic) he wants “stability,” a long-term deal.
  • He has other offers- in MLS, Brazil, and Europe.  Yeah, he probably does.
  • While he doesn’t say so, I’d imagine he’s not going to offer to take a pay cut.

There are other factors to consider as well…

  • He turned 34 three days ago.
  • He’s missed significant time with the Revs due to injury over the last season and a half.
  • He could be facing a long suspension (see above) to start the 2016 if he stays in MLS.
  • He’s likely to miss time due to USMNT call-ups for the foreseeable future.

So, should the Revolution sign him?

No, they should not.

The best case scenario for both would be that they offer him a three year deal (he probably wants more, but the Revolution front office would have to be epically stupid to give him more), he’s willing to take slightly less in salary ($2-3m/year rather than 3-4m/year) in order to get a longer contract, he remains (relatively) injury-free over the length of the contract, and he falls out of Jurgen Klinsmann’s (or whomever’s) plans over the next year or so.  If all of that could happen…

…it’s still a terrible deal.

Jones is not going to get better going forward.  Maybe the club get’s lucky and he remains “as good” until this theoretical contract ends at the age of 37, but how likely is that?  Furthermore, assuming things remain the same, you’ve tied half of your club’s entire budget to one player (as is the case now) who is likely to provide you with only diminishing returns and to prevent you from signing other, younger, hopefully better, players or retaining those players currently on your roster (Rowe, Caldwell, Fagundez, Nguyen, Davies, Tierney, etc.).

The only way signing the deal (even as I hypothetically constructed it) works is if the Kraft Family is willing to lay out more money for a designated player whose name is not “Jermaine Jones.”  If they were willing to sign Jones to a deal like the one I outlined above and to bring in a legitimate, high profile, designated player (meaning not somebody name Jerry Bengston…or Milton Caraglio…or Jose Mareno…shall I continue?) it would makes sense.

But that’s not going to happen.

And it shouldn’t.

What the Revolution should do is let Jones go one his merry way and use the money saved (and more) two go out and sign two legitimate designated players who are younger and healthier.  U.S. players, foreign players, doesn’t really matter.  Healthy, younger than 32, no “injury” history to be concerned with, and either current or hoping to be current international footballers.  Outside of MLS I know the most about Scottish players, so I’ll give you a few examples of younger, international players, who could probably be lured from the English Championship (or below) for the right contract.

Or, failing that, how about finally putting to use this “partnership” with Sporting in Portugal?  Maybe get a player on loan for a year- Freddy Montero (previous MLS experience), Bryan Ruiz (Fulham, PSV, etc.), Jonathan Silva (on Sporting’s “B” team, but has been capped by Argentina), Albert0 Aquilani (older, but with almost 40 appearances for Italy), Ricardo Esgaio (Portuguese youth international, scoring tons for the “B” team), etc..

The point being, walk away from Jermaine Jones.

Oh, and one more thing:

C’mon, I had to.


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